Metal Earth Seismic Survey in Sudbury!


You may have seen a group of large trucks set up along local roads or highways in Sudbury. They are vibroseis trucks from SAExploration that are being used for special seismic tests to visualize Earth's structural features to a depth of 40-50 km. It is part of the 7-year Metal Earth project at Laurentian University's Harquail School of Earth Sciences and its Mineral Exploration Research Centre. 

Read the CBC's article explaining the science:

Metal Earth Seismic Survey Truck

The CBC also conducted an interview with Harold Gibson, director of Metal Earth to explain seismic testing to uncover mineral potential in resource-rich regions. Listen to the interview here:


Follow the Harquail School's Twitter page, with many more photos and videos of the vibroseis trucks and Laurentian University staff, faculty and students when they were visiting in Capreol, Ontario, within the City of Greater Sudbury limits. 

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