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Bruno Lafrance

Associate Director Research Metal Earth
Structural Geology

B.Sc. (Montreal)
Ph.D. (New Brunswick)
Department of Earth Sciences
Laurentian University
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 2C6

Telephone: (705) 675-1151 ext 2264

GEOL 3006 - Field School II

Rousell, Long - Outliers (PDF)
Young - Huronian (PDF)

Research Interests

  • Field structural geology
  • Structural controls on gold mineralization
  • Microstructural and textural analysis of deformed rocks

Available Research Projects

If you are interested in a M.Sc. or Ph.D. research project, please contact me or see our current research projects and geology graduate program information.

Current Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students

Engelbert, Margaret The volcanic and deformation history, geodynamic setting, and metallogenesis of the Upper Chisel Sequence, Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Co-supervised with Dr. Harold Gibson

Généreux, Carol-Anne 
Structural and metamorphic evolution of the South Range in the Drury and Denison townships, Sudbury, with emphasis on the controls on low-sulphide PGE mineralization. Co-supervised with Dr. Doug Tinkham

Hastie, Evan Gold Metallogeny of the Southern Swayze Greenstone Belt, Abitibi Subprovince. Co-supervised with Dr. Dan Kontak

Hunter, Rebecca Geological Investigation of Unconformity-related Uranium Mineralization along the Qavvik-Tatiggaq Trend, northeast Thelon Basin, Nunavut.

Rubingh, Kate The tectonic, structural and stratigraphic setting, and origin of eastern Trans-Hudson Orogen Gold Deposits at Snow Lake, Manitoba. Co-supervised with Dr. Harold Gibson.

Toth, Zsuzsanna Banded Iron Formation-Hosted Gold Mineralization – Beardmore-Geraldton Area: structural setting, footprint(s) and exploration implications. Co-supervised with Dr. Benoît Dubé (GSC)

M.Sc. Students

Chappell, Ian  
Structural controls and chronology of gold mineralization at the Black Fox mine and Grey Fox zone, Matheson, Abitibi. Co-supervised with Dr. Dan Kontak

Hall, Marshall
Emplacement mechanisms and spatial and temporal relationships between low-sulphide and sharp-walled vein systems in Footwall mineralization in the Sudbury Camp. Co-supervised with Dr. Harold Gibson

Kelly, Christopher
Alteration associated with gold mineralization in the Grey Fox, Black Fox, and Hislop deposit areas, Matheson, ON. Co-supervised with Dr. Dan Kontak

Ogilvie, Thomas
Brittle kinematic history of the southern part of the Tantato Domain adjacent to the Fond du Lac Rivers

Applied M.Sc. Student

Samiei, Ahoora Structural controls on gold enrichment in the Archean Eqe Bay greenstone belt, Baffin Island.

Representative Publications

Journal Articles

Ordóñez-Calderón, J.C., Lafrance, B., Gibson, H.L., Schwartz, T., Pehrsson, S., Rayner, N.M. In Press. Petrogenesis and geodynamic evolution of the Paleoproterozoic (~1878 Ma) Trout Lake volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit, Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada. Economic Geology.

Lafrance, B., Gibson, H.L., Pehrsson, S., Schetselaar, E., DeWolfe, Y. M., and Lewis, D., In Press. Structural reconstruction of the Flin Flon volcanogenic massive sulfide mining district, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada, In press. A Special Issue on volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits of the Trans-Hudson Orogen, Economic Geology.

Schetselaar, E., Pehrsson, S., Devine, C., Lafrance, B. , White, D., Malinowski, M., In Press. 3D Geologic Modelling in the Flin Flon Mining Camp, Trans-Hudson Orogen, Canada: Evidence for Polyphase Imbrication of the Flin Flon - 777- Callinan VMS Ore System. Economic Geology.

Olaniyan, O., Smith, R.S., Lafrance, B. 2015. Regional 3D geophysical investigation of the Sudbury structure. Interpretation, Vol. 3, No. 2 (May 2015); p. SL63–SL81.

Lafrance, B., Bygnes, L., McDonald, A.M. 2014. Emplacement of metabreccia along the Whistle offset dike, Sudbury: implications for post-impact modification of the Sudbury impact structure. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 51, 466-484.

Mukwakwami, J., Lafrance, B., Lesher, C.M., Tinkham, D.K., Rayner, N.M., Ames, D.E. 2014. Deformation, metamorphism, and mobilization of Ni-Cu-PGE sulpide ores at Garson Mine, Sudbury. Mineralium Deposita, 49, 175-198.

Mukwakwami, J., Lesher, C.M., Lafrance, B., Tinkham, D.K. 2014. Geochemistry of deformed and hydrothermally mobilized magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE ores at the Garson Mine, Sudbury. Economic Geology, 109, 367-386.

Olaniyan, O., Smith, R.S., Lafrance, B. 2014. A constrained potential field data interpretation of the deep geometry of the Sudbury Structure. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences v. 51, p. 715-729.

Raharimafeta, T., Lafrance, B., Tinkham, D.K. 2014. New structural, metamorphic, and U-Pb geochronological constraints on the Blezardian Orogeny and Yavapai Orogeny in the Southern Province, Sudbury, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 51, p. 750-774.

Articles/reports (in non-refereed journals)

Hastie, E.C.G., Lafrance, B. and Kontak, D.J. 2015. Observations on the Kenty and Rundle deposits, Swayze greenstone belt; in Summary of Field Work and Other Activities 2015, Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report 6313, p.9-1 to 9-9.

McDivitt, J.A., Lafrance, B., Kontak, D.J., and Robichaud, L., 2015. Characterization of Gold Mineralization in the Missanabie-Renabie District of the Wawa gold camp; in Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, Open File Report 6313. P.6-1 to 6-8.