Jérémie Pfister

Jérémie Pfister

MSc Candidate in Geology

Integrated Stable Isotopic, Mineralogical and Textural Studies of the LCT Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group in the NWT, Canada: Implications for the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition and Rare-metal (Li-Ta-Sn) Mineralization. Supervisor: Dr. Dan Kontak

Grew up in Geneva (Switzerland), then moved to Tucson (Arizona) where I earned my B.Sc. in Geology and Mining Engineering from the University of Arizona and now working on my M.Sc. here at the Harquail School of Earth Sciences. Minerals have always been my passion, but I am now interested in a more global approach of mineral and ore deposits with emphasis on geochemistry, mineralogy and stable isotopes to investigate the processes being the formation of such deposits. Pegmatites, as well as lithophile elements deposits, rare-metal deposits and gem deposits in general are of particular interest to me.

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