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Zsuzsanna Tóth

Zsuzsanna Tóth

PhD candidate in Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology

PhD candidate working on the geology of the Hardrock world-class orogenic gold deposit, Geraldton, ON.

My PhD focuses on the structural control, mineral assemblage, geochemical footprint and geochronology of the Hardrock orogenic gold deposit. It also provides insight into the regional structural and geodynamic evolution of the Beardmore-Geraldton greenstone belt through U-Pb zircon geochronology of metasedimentary and igneous rocks and geochemistry of granitoid intrusions/dikes. During my PhD, I have published several OGS and GSC reports. I also worked in exploration during the summers of 2014-2016. I have completed my undergrad and master's studies at ELTE, Budapest, Hungary. My MSc focused on a low-sulphidation type epithermal system in northern Hungary.



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