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Calendar for the Photography Lab


Enter bookings into this Calendar by emailing a time slot to Tobias Roth. Frequent users will be able to enter bookings themselves by sending their gmail or LU gmail address to Tobias Roth.

Photography Lab Gsm
Equipment available in the lab:
- Olympus BX41 Pol microscope (with a 5MP Lumenera Infinity camera)
- Olympus SZ61 zoom stereomicroscope (with a 5MP Lumenera Infinity camera, boomstand and ringlights)
- image processing and analysis

The following rules apply: 

A) Graduate students have priority.
B) Please put in your name for a time slot at least 24 hours ahead of time to get a guaranteed booking.
C) A maximum of two 8 hours slots per week (Sun-Sat) may be booked at once, 8-16 or 16-24. Once booked, you are committed to these times. Tampering with the schedule will cause loss of privileges.
D) You can use the lab in free slots, however will have no guarantee, as will have to accommodate others who want to use it.