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Amir Maleki

Amir Maleki

MSc candidate Geophysics

Applications of geophysical potential field data (i.e. gravity and magnetic) to distinguish the difference between metal-endowed and less endowed regions

As a permanent resident and full-time Laurentian University student registered in the first year of MSc Geology program, I am part of the Metal Earth project, and I have focused on applications of geophysical potential field data (i.e. gravity and magnetic) to distinguish the difference between regions that are metal-endowed and less endowed, which will identify areas for future mineral exploration. My supervisor is Dr. Richard Smith, and my thesis entails both field work (acquiring gravity and petrophysical databases across many transect, with more than a few hundred km of data collection in Quebec and Ontario provinces) and office work to process and model the acquired data in a manner consistent with seismic and magnetotelluric data.

I have both theoretical background in exploration geophysics and approximately 10 years industrial experiences in application of geophysical methods in mineral deposits exploration and in geostatistical reserve estimation. Additionally, I have relevant accepted papers: "Depth estimation and edge detection in potential field studies (Gravity and Magnetic surveys)" and "Site Selection of additional borehole Drilling by GET Function in Anomaly II of Gole-Gohar iron ore deposit."

I already have a two-year research MSc from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. However, I was interested to get a second Masters degree for the experience and the additional Canadian qualification. My thesis project was mineral exploration oriented: Grade distribution modeling, geostatistical ore reserve estimation, and economic geology studies in anomaly II of Gol-e-Gohar iron ore deposit, and my BSc thesis was geophysically oriented, using well-logging data.

Since graduating from my MSc in Iran I have worked for three mining consultant companies as a geologist and a geophysicist.



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