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Edward Moswane

Edward Moswane

Applied MSc Candidate Geology - Mineral exploration one-year option

Investigation of mantle plumes and evidence of contamination based on Zimbabwe Great Dyke and the Bushveld Igneous Complex (Northen Limb) large igneous provinces in southern Africa using trace elements geochemistry. To further discuss the relationship between the BIC and ZGD magmas and outline the implications based on the results. The project is supervised by Profesor P. Thurston.

Previous research during undergraduate studies was based on Investigating the magnetic properties of Karoo dykes using Aeromagentic data and proton precision magnetometer. Further outlining the possible tectonic setting and the geochronology, because Karoo dyke ages are poorly studied. The project was supervised by Dr A. Tessema (University of Limpopo). 
The current research is based on the evidence of contamination in both Bushveld Igneous Complex and Zimbabwe Great Dyke using trace element geochemistry. The project is supervised by professor Phil Thurston



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