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MSc Students

Luis Alfonso Arteaga

MSc candidate Geology

Luis Arteaga Profile Picture
FROM: Bogota, Colombia
GRADUATED FROM: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
CURRENT RESEARCH: Temporal and spatial relationship between gold mineralization and intrusive rocks in the Boston Creek area, Abitibi greenstone belt, ON
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Harold Gibson; THESIS COMMITTEE: Dr. Dan Kontak and Dr. Pedro Jugo

Nkholo Kevin Baloyi

Applied MSc candidate Geology - Mineral exploration one-year option

Nkholo Baloyi
FROM: Mokopane, South Africa
GRADUATED FROM: University of Limpopo (BSc, majors: Chemistry and Geology, HBSc Geology)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Geological interpretation of aeromagnetic and electromagnetic data, Swayze Greenstone Belt, Abitibi Subprovince
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Richard Smith

Christopher Beckett-Brown

MSc candidate Geology

Beckett Brown
FROM: Sudbury, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University, Sudbury Ontario (BSc)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Tourmaline as an indicator of mineralized porphyry systems
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Andrew McDonald / Dr. Matthew Leybourne

Mélanie Bouchard

MSc candidate Geology

FROM: Ramore, ON
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON
CURRENT RESEARCH: Lower Paleozoic stratigraphy in Mackenzie Mountains front ranges and interior plains, NWT
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Elizabeth Turner and Robert MacNaughton

Danielle Brown

MSc candidate Geology

Danielle Brown
FROM: Hamilton, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Queen's University
CURRENT RESEARCH: Geochemical and isotopic analyses of water and stream sediments to characterize lithological catchment contributions in Southland, New Zealand 
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Matthew Leybourne and Dr. Elizabeth Turner

Ian Chappell

MSc candidate Geology

Ian Chappelle
FROM: Buckhorn, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Carleton University, Ottawa
SPECIALITIES: Structural geology, economic geology
CURRENT RESEARCH: Structure and timing of Archean gold bearing veins at the Grey Fox and Hislop Deposits, Matheson Ontario
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Bruno Lafrance / Dr. Dan Kontak

Natasha Cyples

MSc candidate Geology

Natasha Cyples
FROM: Waterloo, ON
GRADUATED FROM: McMaster University, Hamilton, ON (BSc)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Morphodynamic evolution of the Kicking Horse River, BC; An integration of ground-penetrating radar, remote sensing and gauging record analysis
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Alessandro Ielpi / Dr. Randy Dirszowsky

Quinn Dabros

MSc candidate Geology

New Quinn Dabros
FROM: Ottawa, ON
GRADUATED FROM: University of Ottawa
CURRENT RESEARCH: Compositional and textural analysis of the Kamoa/Kakula Cu deposit diamictite matrix, Democratic Republic of Congo
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Elizabeth Turner

Jessica Daniel

MSc candidate Geology

Jessica Daniel
FROM: Ottawa, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: University of British Columbia, Vancouver
SPECIALITY: mineral exploration

Vanessa Friesen 

MSc candidate Geology
Des Friesen
FROM: Calgary, Alberta
GRADUATED FROM: Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB
SPECIALITIES: Volcanology; Pre-Cambrian Geology
CURRENT RESEARCH: Origin, Emplacement, and Metallogenic Significance of the Powderhouse Dacite, Snow Lake, Manitoba
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Michelle DeWolfe (MRU) / Dr. Harold Gibson (LU)

Marshall Hall 

MSc candidate Geology
Marshall Hall
FROM: Sudbury, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario
CURRENT RESEARCH: Emplacement mechanisms and spatial and temporal relationships between low sulphide and sharp walled vein systems in Footwall mineralization in the Sudbury Camp
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Bruno Lafrance / Dr. Harold Gibson

Jacqueline Huggins

MSc candidate Geology

Jacqueline Huggins (1)
FROM: Mississauga, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario (BSc)
CURRENT RESEARCH: A geophysical and geochemical study of the Victoria property, Sudbury, ON.
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Richard Smith / Dr. Doug Tinkham

Drake Hyden

MSc candidate Geology

New Drake Hyden
FROM: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Carleton University (BSc)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Structural Controls on Gold Mineralization Within the Walsh Formation of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Bruno Lafrance

Christopher Kelly

MSc candidate Geology 

Christopher Kelly
FROM: Chapeau, QC
GRADUATED FROM: McGill University, Montreal, QC
CURRENT RESEARCH: Geochemistry and alteration associated with gold mineralization in the Grey Fox, Black Fox, and Hislop deposit areas, Matheson, ON.
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Daniel Kontak and Dr. Bruno Lafrance

Ashley Kirwan

MSc candidate Geology (Applied MSc in Mineral Exploration) 

Ashley Photo 1
FROM: Sudbury, ON
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON
SPECIALITIES: Mineral exploration utilizing 2D and 3D compilations, interpretation, and modeling.
CURRENT RESEARCH: Lithological controls on gold mineralization of the Loma Larga high-sulfidation epithermal deposit, Azuay province, Ecuador.

Judy Lam

MSc candidate Geology
Jlam Des Website
FROM: Ottawa, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
CURRENT RESEARCH: Reaction History and Cu-Pb-Ag-Au-Zn Mobility at the Lalor deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Doug Tinkham / Dr. Harold Gibson

Lorraine Lebeau

MSc candidate Geology

Lorraine Leabeau M Sc Scotland
FROM: Mississauga, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: University of Guelph (B. Sc.)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Precambrian sedimentology and geochronology of the Torridonian succession, NW highlands of Scotland
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Alessandro Ielpi

Well-Shen Lee

MSc candidate Geology

Well Shen Lee
FROM: Penang, Malaysia
GRADUATED FROM: The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC (BSc. Hons)
FOCUS: Regional metallogeny, porphyry-epithermal transition, tectonics.
CURRENT RESEARCH: Genesis and fluid evolution of the Klaza Au-Ag-Pb-Zn deposit in West-central Yukon and how it relates to the metallogeny and tectonic evolution of the Mt. Nansen gold corridor.
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Jeremy Richards, Dr. Dan Kontak and Dr. John Chapman (GSC)

Christine Legrand

MSc candidate Environmental Geology
Christine Legrand
FROM: Sudbury, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario
SPECIALITIES: environmental geochemistry
CURRENT RESEARCH: Weathering of Rocks from the Ring of Fire: Understanding the release and mobilization of Cr and V.
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Michael Schindler

Marie Létourneau

MSc candidate Geology
Img 1159
FROM: Montreal, Quebec
GRADUATED FROM: Memorial University of Newfoundland
CURRENT RESEARCH: Geological Setting and Mineralization of the Martinière and Bug Lake Gold Zones, Northern Quebec
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Daniel Kontak/ Dr. Bruno Lafrance

Linette MacInnis

MSc candidate Geology 

Linette Mac Innis
FROM: Halifax, Nova Scotia
GRADUATED FROM: St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
CURRENT RESEARCH: Constraining alteration in the footwall of the Sudbury Igneous Complex: A case study of the alteration footprint to the Podolsky Cu-PGE deposit, Sudbury
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Daniel Kontak

Kelly Malcolm 

MSc candidate Geology
10757 10152614011479597 6842807017417826906 N
FROM: Markham, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario (BSc Geology, BA Economics)
SPECIALITIES: economic geology
CURRENT RESEARCH: A petrographic, geochemical, and geochronological study of a high-grade intrusion-related Au deposit; Lower Detour Lake, Abitibi Subprovince, Canada. Sponsored by Detour Gold Corporation.
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Daniel Kontak / Dr. Doug Tinkham

Amir Maleki

MSc candidate Geology

Amir Maleki
FROM: Esfahan, Iran
GRADUATED FROM: Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
CURRENT RESEARCH: Geophysical Study, Metal Earth Project
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Richard Smith

Cédric Mayer

MSc candidate Geology

Cedric Mayer Rof Bedrock Maping
FROM: Sudbury, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University (BSc)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Strontium isotope stratigraphy of the Platreef, Northern Limb, Bushveld Igneous Complex
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Pedro Jugo and Dr. Matthew Leybourne

Dylan McKevitt

MSc candidate Geology

New Dylan Mc Kevitt
FROM: Negaunee, Michigan
GRADUATED FROM: Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH (BS)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Geochemical discrimination between Raglan Formation and North Claim Sills, Cape Smith Belt, New Québec
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Michael Lesher, Dr. Michel Houlé (GSC)

Robert Meek

MSc candidate Geology

New Robert Meek Rm Escape Rapids Fm
FROM: Kincardine, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University, Sudbury Ontario (BSc, Hons)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Husky Creek Formation, Nunavut Canada
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Alessandro Ielpi

Edward Moswane

Applied MSc candidate Geology - Mineral exploration one-year option

Edward Moloantoa Moswane
FROM: Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa
GRADUATED FROM: University of Limpopo (BSc, majors: Physics and Geology, BSc (Hons, Mining Geology)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Tectonic Setting of the Zimbabwe Great Dyke.
SUPERVISOR: Dr. P. Thurston

Ian Newman

Applied MSc candidate Geology - Mineral Exploration 1 year option

Ian Newman Standing On A Pit
From: San Diego, California
Alma Mater: San Jose State University (BSc Geology)
Current Research: Geochemical Analysis of Fluid Inclusion Evaporate Mounds across the Abitibi Greenstone Belt
Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Kontak

William Thomas Ogilvie

MSc candidate Geology

Thomas Ogilvie
FROM: Regina, Saskatchewan
GRADUATED FROM: University of Regina, Saskatchewan
SPECIALITIES: structural geology
CURRENT RESEARCH: Brittle deformation and associated hydrothermal alteration and mineralization in the southern Tantato Domain, Saskatchewan
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Bruno Lafrance

Emilia Principe

MSc candidate Geology

E Principe
FROM: Sudbury, ON
GRADUATED FROM: Laurentian University
CURRENT RESEARCH: Microenvironments of Waste Rock and Tailings Impoundements: A Biogeochemical and Mineralogical Analyses
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Michael Schindler, Dr. Nadia Mykytczuk

Ahoora Samiei

Applied MSc in Mineral exploration

Img 0453
FROM: Iran
GRADUATED FROM: Azad University of Shahroud, Iran
SPECIALITIES: mineral exploration, structural geology
CURRENT RESEARCH: Structural Control on Gold Mineralization, Eqe Bay Fold Belt, Northern Baffin Island, Nunavut
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Bruno Lafrance

Keaton Strongman

MSc candidate Geology

Keaton Strongman
FROM: Mississauga, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: McMaster University/ Laurentian University (B.Sc)
INTERESTS: Volcanology, VMS deposits, metallogeny, hydrothermal systems, and igneous and metamorphic petrology
CURRENT RESEARCH: Volcanic, structural and hydrothermal history of the Onaman VMS prospect, Eastern Wabigoon Greenstone Belt
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Harold Gibson/ Dr. Bruno Lafrance

Scott Tokaryk

MSc candidate Geology

Scott Tokaryk Morrison Underground

FROM: Dauphin, Manitoba
GRADUATED FROM: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
SPECIALITIES: field mapping, igneous petrology, Archean greenstone belt-hosted gold deposits
CURRENT RESEARCH: Integrating alteration and metamorphogenic gold mineralisation within the Archean Vickers intrusion, Tavani greenstone belt, Nunavut, Canada.
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Daniel Kontak

Philippe Trudel 

MSc candidate Geology

Phil Trudel2 (1)
From: Pembroke, Ontario
Graduated from: Laurentian University (BSc)
Research: Detrital and igneous geochronology of the Kamoa copper deposit, Democratic Republic of Congo
Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Turner

Zach Waller

Applied MSc in Mineral Exploration

Zach Waller (3)
From: Lambeth, Ontario
Graduated from: McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario (B.Sc)
Current research: Fluid Inclusion Analysis of the Timmins West Deposits, Timmins Ontario
Supervisor: Dr. Dan Kontak

Natascia Zuccarelli-Pegoraro

MSc candidate Geology

Natascia M Sc Harquail

FROM: Mississauga, Ontario
GRADUATED FROM: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario (BSc)
CURRENT RESEARCH: Sulfide textural variations and multiphase ore emplacement in the Eagle’s Nest Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, McFaulds Lake greenstone belt, Ontario, Canada
SUPERVISORS: Dr. Michael Lesher / Dr. Michel Houlé (GSC)