Eric Roots

Eric Roots

PhD candidate in Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology

I am studying magnetotelluric (MT) data and inversion with Dr. Richard Smith. I am interested in developing new methodologies which allow MT data to be inverted and interpreted alongside with co-located geological and geophysical data.

I completed my BSc. in Physics / Mathematics at the University of Ottawa. During this time I also worked at the Geological Survey of Canada, where my main area of interest was in geophysical inversion. I later began studying seismic methods, and eventually completed a Master's degree at Simon Fraser University. My thesis involved using passive seismic sources to obtain reflection images of the Lalor VMS deposit using a technique called 'seismic interferometry'. As part of the Metal Earth project, I am studying how we can use multiple data sets to aid in geophysical inversion to produce geologically meaningful models.

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