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Harquail Family Invests $10M in Earth Sciences

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Photo: Faculty, staff, students and researchers at the Harquail School in Fall 2017 

Harold L Gibson  (Metal Earth Director, Coordinator Co-op BSc)
Professor, BSc Queen's, MSc PhD Carleton; Economic geology, volcanology, Precambrian geology

Alessandro Ielpi (Program Coordinator M.Sc. Geology)
Assistant Professor, BSc MSc PhD University of Siena, Italy; Sedimentary geology

Bruce C Jago (Franco-Nevada, Founding Executive Director of the Goodman School of Mines) P.Geo., BSc MSc Lakehead, PhD Toronto; Economic geology, mineral exploration

Pedro J Jugo  (Program Coordinator PhD in Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology)
Associate Professor, BSc Central de Venezuela, MSc Maryland, PhD Alberta; Igneous petrology, experimental petrology, S solubility, PGE and Au geochemistry

Daniel J Kontak  (Program Coordinator Applied M.Sc. in Mineral Exploration)
Professor, BSc St. Francis Xavier, MSc Alberta, PhD Queen's; Economic geology, fluid inclusions, Au deposits, rare-metal pegmatites 

Bruno Lafrance  (Associate Director Research Metal Earth)
Professor, BSc Montreal, PhD UNB; Structural geology, structural controls on ore deposits, Precambrian geology

C Michael Lesher  (Director CMIC-NSERC Exploration Footprints Network)
Professor and Research Chair in Mineral Exploration, BSc AM Indiana, PhD Western Australia; Economic geology, magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE deposits, igneous geochemistry, Precambrian geology

Andrew M McDonald  (Director Central Analytical Facility - Solid Phase Section)
Professor, BSc Toronto, MSc PhD Carleton; Mineralogy

Mostafa Naghizadeh
Assistant Professor, BSc Kerman, MSc Tehran, PhD Alberta; Seismic Geophysics 

David AB Pearson (Science Communication Program)
Professor, BSc Durham, PhD DIC London, England; Environmental geology, science education

Jeremy P Richards (Canada Research Chair in Metallogeny)
Professor, B.A. (Cambridge), M.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (ANU); Economic geology, geochemistry, geochronology, tectonics

Michael Schindler  (BSc Program Coordinator)
Associate Professor, BSc MSc PhD Frankfurt am Main; Environmental mineralogy and geochemistry, mineral surface sciences, interfacial processes leading to U ore deposits

Ross Sherlock  (Chair in Exploration Targeting, MERC Director)
HBSc (McMaster), MSc (Lakehead), PhD (Waterloo); Economic Geology of Precious and Base Metal Systems, Exploration Innovation

Richard S Smith
Professor and NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Exploration Geophysics, BSc MSc Adelaide, MSc Toronto, PhD Toronto; Exploration geophysics, electromagnetic methods, magnetic methods

Phillips C Thurston  
Adjunct Professor in Residence, AB Rutgers, MSc Bryn Mawr, PhD Western; Precambrian geology, geochemistry, volcanology, banded-iron formation

Douglas K Tinkham  (Director Harquail School of Earth Sciences)
Associate Professor, BSc Rocky Mountain College, MSc Illinois, PhD Alabama; Metamorphic petrology, metamorphism of ore deposits

Elizabeth C Turner
Professor, BA BSc Toronto, PhD Queen's; Carbonate sedimentology, invertebrate paleontology, carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb deposits

Cross-appointed Faculty

Nadia Mykytczuk (Industrial Research Chair in Biomining, Bioremediation and Science Communication)
Assistant Professor, BSc Carleton, PhD Laurentian; Biomining, Bioremediation and Science Communication 

Graeme A Spiers (Director Elliot Lake Research Field Station)
Associate Professor and Research Chair in Environmental Monitoring, BSc Waikato, MSc PhD Alberta; Environmental and soil chemistry, pedology

Emeritus Faculty

Anthony E Beswick
Igneous Petrology, Professor Emeritus, BSc PhD DIC (London)

Paul Copper
Paleobiology, Professor Emeritus, BA MA Saskatchewan, PhD DIC London

Richard S James
Metamorphic Petrology, Professor Emeritus, BSc MSc McMaster, PhD Manchester

Reid R Keays
Economic Geology, Professor Emeritus, BSc (Geol Eng) Queen's, PhD McMaster

Darrel GF Long

Professor, BSc Hons Leicester, MSc PhD Western; Sedimentology

Don H Rousell
Structural Geology; Professor Emeritus; BSc Manitoba, MSc British Columbia, PhD Manitoba

Robert E Whitehead
Exploration Geochemistry, Professor Emeritus; BSc Mount Allison, PhD New Brunswick