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Harquail Family Invests $10M in Earth Sciences

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Dsc 0032

Our audience during one of the B.Sc. Honours presentations

Dsc 0017

Jonathan Sutton (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0021

Kevin Pieterse (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0022

Jasmine Ogilvie (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0024

Sarah Mills (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0031

Robert Meek (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0026

Sophie Michel (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0036

Neal McClenaghan (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0040

Ramon Lorenzo (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0043

Daniel Johannsson (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0047

Thomas Gore (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0050

Brandon Choquette (B.Sc. Hons. Earth Sciences)

Dsc 0053

Honours thesis presentations were now over and the non-academic part could begin.

Dsc 0057

Dr. Taus Jørgensen

Dsc 0060

Coralie & friend

Dsc 0062

Matthew Brown

Dsc 0067

An unintended purple theme between Dr. Bruno Lafrance, Evan Hastie & Tobias Roth

Dsc 0068

False colours for some technical reason - LU president Dominic Giroux & Dr. Doug Tinkham in the background

Dsc 0072

Christopher Beckett-Brown, Brandon Choquette, Ramon Lorenzo, Jonathan Sutton, Thomas Gore & Dr. Andrew McDonald

Dsc 0075

Mrs. Golightly, Rachel !!!, Dr. Paul Golightly, Dr. Bruce Jago, Catherine Rousell, Dr. Don Rousell 

Dsc 0076

Dsc 0085

David Harquail was an inspiring guest speaker for the historically first Harquail School of Earth Sciences banquet

Dsc 0087

David Harquail speaking about his father James, a geologist, and his Sudbury connection with Thayer Lindsley of Falconbridge Ltd.

Dsc 0095 (1)

Dr. Douglas Tinkham presenting Thomas Gore with the David Beilhartz Award for best 4th year Honours thesis presentation

Dsc 0096

Dr. Michael Lesher presenting certificates of merit to Christopher Kelly and Danielle Brown (both candidates for M.Sc. in Geology). Both showed strong leadership skills in organizing on the 2017 PDAC-SEG Student Minerals Colloquium

Dsc 0099

Dr. Bruce Jago presenting the Goodman School of Mines awards for Best LU Posters at the PDAC-SEG Student Minerals Colloquium: Evan Hastie (PhD category), Christopher Kelly (M.Sc. category), and Brandon Choquette (B.Sc. Honours category)

Dsc 0101

Dr. Elizabeth Turner presenting Awards for Best Seminars 2016/17 at the Harquail School of Earth Sciences

Dsc 0104

Evan Hastie was best in PhD category, and Keaton Strongman and Phil Trudel share first place at the M.Sc. level.

Dsc 0105

Danielle Brown (2nd from right) employed the semicolon in her abstract most elegantly; befittingly, everybody got an English grammar book.

Dsc 0107

Robert Meek (newly graduated B.Sc. Earth Sciences) won the 2017 GAC-PDAC Logan Award

Screen Shot 2017 04 12 At 2.32.54 Pm

The categories to choose from in Tobias' GEOpardy game, followed by the students' Fun Awards

Dsc 0094

Graduate students Chris Beckett-Brown and Phil Trudel present to David Harquail the "Saving for (his) retirement" award.

Dsc 0111

Students present to president Dominic Giroux a "Honorary Geologist Award", including a mineral collection.