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Journal Article
R. H. Rainbird, Rayner, N. M., Hadlari, T., Heaman, L. M., Ielpi, A., Turner, E. C., and MacNaughton, R. B., Zircon provenance data record the lateral extent of pancontinental, early Neoproterozoic rivers and erosional unroofing history of the Grenville orogen, Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, vol. 129, pp. 1408-1423, 2017.
Compilation and indexing terms, Copyright 2018 Elsevier Inc.20182205256420Carbonate rockContinental blocksDetrital zirconFluvial systemsNorth AtlanticSiliciclastic influxStratigraphic correlationSupercontinents
J. C. Ordóñez-Calderón, Lafrance, B., Gibson, H. L., Schwartz, T., Pehrsson, S. J., and Rayner, N. M., Petrogenesis and Geodynamic Evolution of the Paleoproterozoic (~1878 Ma) Trout Lake Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit, Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada, Economic GeologyEconomic Geology, vol. 111, pp. 817-847, 2016.
E. C. Turner, Long, D. G. F., Rainbird, R. H., Petrus, J. A., and Rayner, N. M., Late Mesoproterozoic rifting in Arctic Canada during Rodinia assembly: impactogens, trans-continental far-field stress and zinc mineralisation, Terra NovaTerra NovaTerra Nova, vol. 28, pp. 188-194, 2016.
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Book Chapter
D. J. Kontak, MacInnis, L. M., Ames, D., Rayner, N. M., and Joyce, N., A geological, petrological, and geochronological study of the Grey Gabbro unit of the Podolsky Cu-(Ni)-PGE deposit, Sudbury, Ontario, with a focus on the alteration related to the formation of sharp-walled chalcopyrite veins, in Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4: Canadian nickel-copper-platinum group elements-chromium ore systems -- fertility, pathfinders, new and revised models, vol. Open File 7856, D. Ames and Houlé, G., Eds. Geological Survey of Canada, 2015, pp. 287-301.