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John Ayer

John Ayer

Associate MERC Director

T. 705.675.1151 ext. 2249

Lindsay Cooper

Communications and Promotions Manager

T: 705.675.1151 x 2135 E: lcooper1@laurentian.ca

Willard Desjardins

Willard Desjardins

Petrographic Technologist, Harquail School of Earth Sciences

T. 705.675.1151 ext. 2216

Kipp Grose

Information Technologist

Email: kgrose@laurentian.ca

Sylvie Lafontaine

Administrative Assistant, Harquail School of Earth Sciences, Metal Earth

T: 705-675-1151 X 2013 E: sx_lafontaine@laurentian.ca

Tobias Roth

Tobias Roth

Geoscience Technologist, Harquail School of Earth Sciences

T: 705.675.1151 ext. 2273

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