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Emeritus Faculty



  • Anthony E. Beswick

    Anthony E. Beswick

    Professor Emeritus Igneous Petrology

    Igneous Petrology, Professor Emeritus, BSc PhD DIC (London)

  • Paul Copper

    Paul Copper

    Professor Emeritus Paleobiology

    Paleobiology, Professor Emeritus, BA MA Saskatchewan, PhD DIC London

  • Richard S. James

    Richard S. James

    Professor Emeritus Metamorphic Petrology

    Metamorphic Petrology, Professor Emeritus, BSc MSc McMaster, PhD Manchester

  • Reid R. Keays

    Reid R. Keays

    Professor Emeritus Economic Geology

    Economic Geology, Professor Emeritus, BSc (Geol Eng) Queen's, PhD McMaster

  • Darrel G.F. Long

    Darrel G.F. Long

    Professor Emeritus Sedimentology

    Professor, BSc Hons Leicester, MSc PhD Western; Sedimentology

  • Don H. Rousell

    Don H. Rousell

    Professor Emeritus Structural Geology

    Structural Geology; Professor Emeritus; BSc Manitoba, MSc British Columbia, PhD Manitoba

  • Robert E. Whitehead

    Robert E. Whitehead

    Professor Emeritus Exploration Geochemistry

    Exploration Geochemistry, Professor Emeritus; BSc Mount Allison, PhD New Brunswick


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