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Earth Sciences Virtual Outreach Events

To all high-school science teachers: Book a 60 minutes virtual Earth Sciences event with us and we will send you our "collector's box" filled with a variety of identified rocks, minerals and fossils! There is even a real dinosaur fossil in the box! Your students can get a glimpse of the materials that Earth is made of, and can also explore the variety of extinct life forms that have stayed preserved in our planet's rock record. 

Email the Harquail School outreach coordinator Tobias Roth tm_roth@laurentian.ca to book your event!

Photo: Our "collector's box" contains sixteen numbered rocks, minerals, and fossils, including a list to identify each specimen, plus our current HES brochure.   


About our virtual Earth Science events:

During the current pandemic, the Harquail School offers virtual sessions (Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams) geared towards high-school science teachers and their students. You may include the following elements, however each session will be customized to your knowledge level, interest, or your curriculum demands within chemistry, biology, physics, Earth and space science, and geography:

- Overview of the Harquail School of Earth Sciences and its post-secondary programs
- Virtual microscope demonstration highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of geosciences, with strong links to biology, chemistry and physics
- presentation about careers and professional accreditation

Our goal is to help you educate students about geosciences and the various career options as a geoscientist. Geosciences have flexible, adventurous and lucrative career perspectives! 

Questions we will answer:

1. What is an Earth Scientist and an Environmental Geoscientist?
2. Why is Sudbury, Ontario, a world-class location for studying both Earth sciences and environmental geosciences?  
3. What role do minerals play in our everyday lives?
4. Cool facts about Laurentian U and post-graduation perspectives!
5. How do we identify rocks and minerals?

Photo: Tobias Roth demonstrating the mineral fluorite under a virtual microscope.



Explore these online resources about the Harquail School, Laurentian University campus, and the City of Greater Sudbury:

1. Virtual tour of the Harquail School of Earth Sciences and the Laurentian U campus: https://arcg.is/15bjK
Explore the Harquail School of Earth Sciences and the fantastic indoor and outdoor facilities on the Laurentian University campus! Note: This Virtual Tour is best viewed on a large screen.
2. GeoTours Northern Ontario
Each illustrated GeoTour – in PDF format – highlights geological sites of interest across Northern Ontario. Seven GeoTours are available for Sudbury alone, including GPS coordinates for you to go find these sites!