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Harquail Earth Sciences Outreach Events

The Harquail School of Earth Sciences commits to educating elementary and high school students in the field of Earth Sciences and Geology by conducting hands-on activities with students. The school acheives this by offering two types of events tailored towards teachers, prospective students and their parental guardians:


1) Teachers:

Book your own outreach event for you and your class. Teachers may choose to have one of our geoscientists visit your classroom, or you and your students may visit us at the Willet Green Miller Centre, on Laurentian University campus!
Up to $500 travel cost for a minimum of one class visiting Laurentian University campus will be reimbursed! View details below.


2) Prospective students and parental guardians:

In partnership with Orix Geoscience Inc. we invite students and their guardians who are currently exploring undergraduate programs, to join us for an evening discovering applications of earth sciences in the industry. Atttend one of our Earth Science Open Houses offered both in Sudbury and in Toronto in the Fall and Spring.

Visit the Open House page here to learn more. 


Contact the Harquail School outreach coordinator, Tobias Roth tm_roth@laurentian.ca to set a date for your very own customized geological tour or in-class session today.  


Outreach Events for Teachers and their students

In-class workshops we offer:

  1. What is a geoscientist and why is Sudbury so well known for mining and geosciences? This workshop highlights geoscience career options and how meteorites impacted the unique geologcal landscape of Sudbury. You will get to explore Sudbury Basin rocks and metal ores, all produced by one of the world's major meteorite impacts, even bigger than the metorite that made dinosaurs go extinct.
  2. What role do minerals play in our everyday lives? With the help of mineral playing cards, students will discover the chemical elements used by society on a daily basis. For example, smart phones and electric cars are produced with many minerals that Northern Ontario provides.
  3. How do we identify minerals and what elements do they contain? In this hands-on Mineral ID workshop students explore various mineral identification tests and investigate rocks with our portable polarizing microscope - to discover the basic technology with which minerals and rocks can be identified.

Each workshop is 30-50 min long, but can be customized to your students' knowledge level or interest, or your curriculum demands. Our goal is to help you educate students about geosciences and the various career options as a geoscientist. Geosciences are a flexible, adventurous and lucrative career option that students may not be aware of!  


Additional activities, only on Laurentian University campus:

  1. "Blast from the Past" Geologic Trek: On this trek, we explore different types of rock that help make the university campus so beautiful, and we even go to the depths of Sudbury’s ancient meteorite crater. No other campus in the world has rocks that have been shattered by a 10 km wide meteorite.
  2. Exploring Rocks under Microscopes: You will be dazzled by the fantastic colours and patterns that geologists see when identifying minerals under our microscopes. You will be blown away by the crisp images you will see in thin sections of rock. Use the many functions of these research grade microscopes and post your best views on Instagram.


Book your Geology session today!

Mineral ID workshop in the Economic Geology lab, in the Willet Green Miller Centre 

Exploring Rocks with petrographic microscopes

Fossil Hunt and Identification at Laurentian University campus

"Blast from the Past" Geologic Trek