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Harquail Family Invests $10M in Earth Sciences

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Research Themes

 HES and MERC researchers are studying fundamental problems in mineral deposits and Precambrian geology all over the world:

  • Precambrian Geology (Gibson, Jugo, Kontak, Lafrance, Lesher, Leybourne, McDonald, Thurston, Tinkham, Turner)
  • Magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE), PGE, and Cr (Gibson, Jugo, Kontak, Lafrance, Lesher, Leybourne, McDonald, Tinkham)
  • Volcanic-Associated Massive Cu-Zn-Au (Gibson, Kontak, Lafrance, Tinkham)
  • Orogenic Lode and Disseminated Au (Kontak, Lafrance, Thurston)
  • Sediment-Hosted Pb-Zn and Cu-Zn (Ielpi, Leybourne, Turner)
  • Environmental Geochemistry (Leybourne, Spiers)
  • Environmental Mineralogy (Schindler)
  • Experimental Petrology (Jugo)
  • Exploration Geophysics (Smith)

MSc and PhD Research Opportunities

MSc and PhD Theses

Lab Reservations