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MineOpoly game @laurentianu.
First year geology students team ‘Excelsior’ win by landslide. Their team won by collecting 190,050 dollars through gameplay with industry and government professionals in the Willet Green Miller Center! #earthscience #laurentian #geology #geoscience This sample is from the Bancroft area! It includes various rare minerals including a premium Canadian resource Nepheline that is used in glass and ceramics ⛏🧐 thanks @beckettbro ! “Fieldwork at the Casino Deposit, September 2017. Waiting for a pickup. We like to explore 🌎🗺 @geologistkindalife ”Last weekend we headed out to explore Killarney Provincial Park by SUP. It’s only an hour from Sudbury and real contrast with the flat Canadian shield around it, with white quartzite and pink granite hills. The park actually occurs at the contact of these two rocks, which represent the roots of an ancient 1.1 billion year old mountain range formed during the Grenville Orogeny. North of this area are the Archean rocks of the Superior Craton. Sudbury itself, and the meteor impact that formed the nickel deposits the town is famous for, occur on the edge of the Superior-Grenville margin. The meteor hit this area 1850 million years go, ca. 850 million years before the mountains of Grenville Orogeny formed. The Grenville stretches right across eastern North America, and was one of the major mountain-building events associated with the supercontinent Rodinia. After many millions of years of erosion, and a 2 million-year ice age that ended only 14,000 years ago, this region was revealed for us to explore.”
#canada #ontario #ontarioparks #parkscanada #killarney #killarneyprovincialpark #georgelake #geology #geologist #rocks #travel #instatravel #canadasworld #lake #outdoors Taking in that Sudbury geology! ☄️ @abrads97: “LU students on the LU SEG Student Chapter Field Trip around Sudbury to examine the metabreccia at the Whistle Offset property owned by KGHM. The metabreccia formed as a result of the bolide impact 1.85 billion years ago, causing fragments of the host rock to fly in the air and land in the impact melt sheet. The melt sheet then experienced deformation creating this metabreccia.”
#canada #ontario #ourcrater #northernontario #geologist #geoscience #geology #science #rocks #earthscience #mining #discovery


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