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#PDAC was an eventful week for our students, faculty and researchers! We had a great time connecting with future students, @laurentianu Alumni, and industry. Stay connected with us via our website until next year! “HES students examining some unique ore textures of typical Irish style deposits. Students take in Cliffs of Moher on one of their first few days in Ireland 📸 @logan_foucault #ireland #geology Touch down in Dublin! ☘️Our LU SEG student chapter begins their 10 day journey in Ireland today. In collaboration with iCRAG, the Irish Centre for Research in Applied #Geosciences, Ireland’s national geoscience research centre, the students have designed a field trip to visit the Irish carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb deposits. Read more about their trip at hes.laurentian.ca ! @societyofeconomicgeologists Did you know some minerals emit light when under ultraviolet light, ie. glow in the dark?! 🌚💡 Scheelite is an ore mineral that is commonly found in tungsten deposits that will emit light when under ultraviolet light. HES Alumnus and Research Scientist Rémy Poulin, is one of the first to investigate the properties of scheelite on a world-wide scale to uncover potential geochemical patterns that could aid in the discovery of new ore deposits. See what he found through his research on our website!

Photo of Scheelite under plain light (right) and Ultraviolet Light (left) taken by Michael Bainbridge.
#minerals #mineralogy #geologist #geologists #geoscience #explorationgeologist #geology “If it was easy..it wouldn’t be fun.” Discover undergraduate programs with the Harquail School of Earth Sciences to begin the journey to becoming a Geoscientist. 🌏💎 #earthscience #geology #geologists
 #geologist #geochemistry #structuralgeology #mining #explorationgeologist #explorationgeology


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