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Research Scientists



  • Esmaeil Eshagi

    Research Associate, Metal Earth

    Esmaeil has undertaken his PhD on multidisciplinary data compilation, potential field data processing and geophysical 3D modelling from CODES, University of Tasmania, Australia. He joined the Metal Earth team in 2017 working on compilation and processing of geophysical and petrophysical data in Archean Superior Craton.

  • Jeffrey Marsh

    Jeffrey Marsh

    Post-Doctoral Fellow & LA-ICP-MS Laboratory Technician

    Email: JMarsh@laurentian.ca

  • Reza Mir

    Reza Mir

    Post-Doctoral Fellow in Geophysics - CMIC Footprints Project

    Email: RMir@laurentian.ca

  • David Mole

    David Mole

    Research Associate, Metal Earth

    Email: DMole@laurentian.ca

  • Joe Petrus

    Joe Petrus

    Research Scientist, LA-ICP-MS Laboratory Technician

    Email: JPetrus@laurentian.ca

  • Rémy Poulin

    Research Scientist, Harquail School of Earth Sciences

    T. 705.675.1151 ext. 2701

  • Zsuzsanna Tóth

    Zsuzsanna Tóth

    Research Associate, Metal Earth

    Geraldton-Onaman transect research leader

  • Györgyi Tuba

    Györgyi Tuba

    Post-Doctoral Fellow, Abitibi Thematic Gold Project

    Email: GTuba@laurentian.ca

  • William Zhe

    William Zhe

    Research Scientist, Solid Phase Section, Central Analytical Facility BSc (Physics)

    Email: WZhe@laurentian.ca

  • Xiaohui Zhou

    Xiaohui Zhou

    Research Associate, Metal Earth

    Xiaohui joined the Metal Earth geoscience team in 2017. He acts as a research associate working on the Malartic transect mapping project in Quebec. He likes deformed rocks and anything related to gold deposits.

  • Jing-Jing Zhu

    Post-doctoral Fellow, Harquail School of Earth Sciences

    Jing-Jing got his PhD degree at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, and then worked with Prof. Jeremy Richards at University of Alberta for two years. He arrived at Laurentian University in July of 2017 with Jeremy. Currently he is working on porphyry copper prospect in IndoChina, SE Asia.


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