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2018 Hawley Medal Recipients

The Mineralogical Association of Canada’s 2018 Hawley medal for best publication in The Canadian Mineralogist awarded to Remy S. Poulin, Daniel J. Kontak, Andrew M. McDonald (Harquail School of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON) and M. Beth McClenaghan (Geological Survey of Canada).

Citation: The paper, “Assessing Scheelite As an Ore-deposit Discriminator Using Its Trace-element and REE Chemistry” [Can. Mineral. 56(3), 265-302] by Poulin et al. demonstrates that the crystal-chemical characteristics of a widely-occurring mineral can be successfully used to discriminate between samples arising in different ore-deposit settings.  By using a multi-pronged methodology (CL imaging, major, minor and trace-element chemistry, stable-isotopes, etc.), the authors have established several key, elegant features that make discrimination possible. 

Besides contributing to our knowledge of the processes behind the formation and evolution of scheelite in a broad range of geological environments, they have also created an extensive database of crystal-chemical data that will serve researchers far into the future.  Their study illustrates key relationships between geology, mineralogy, crystal-chemistry and the impact these can have both in understanding geological processes and in the exploration for ore deposits.

Image caption: Remy S. Poulin, Andrew M. McDonald, M. Beth McClenaghan, Daniel J. Kontak

"It is an honour and pleasure to accept the Hawley Medal for our novel work on scheelite as an indicator mineral.

The Hawley medal is awarded to the best paper published in The Canadian Mineralogist.  I am humbled to be recognized amongst the authors of the many high-quality papers that were published over the past year.

Receiving this award during the fundamental shift away from classical mineralogy is a great accomplishment, as our study illustrates the importance of merging the various sub-disciplines to mineralogy and crystal-chemistry in order to address and tackle complex geological questions that researchers face."

- Remy S. Poulin, Research Scientist, Harquail School of Earth Sciences

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