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Congratulations Dr. Monika Haring!

Congratulations Dr. Monika Haring!

The Harquail School of Earth Sciences is proud to announce Monika Haring's graduation today with a PhD in Mineral Deposits and Precambian Geology. Monika's doctoral thesis is titled: "A study of the late-stage mineralogy of agpaitic environments: borosilicates, niobate hydrates & development of LA-ICPMS as a tool to analyze for high concentrations of light elements (Li, Be, B)." Monika completed this research under the supervision of mineralogy professor Dr. Andy McDonald and was funded by the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship and the Peacock Memorial Prize.

Monika had previously completed her B.Sc. in Earth Science at Laurentian University in 2010. In a previous news article, Monika said "I chose Laurentian the first time because of the program’s great reputation and interesting course selection. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I left Sudbury for the University of Western Ontario to complete my M.Sc. in geology, which was funded by the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship. My thesis studied Si/Al cation ordering in pyroxene from the Allende meteorite which I successfully defended in 2012. I had chosen to return to Laurentian rather than any of my other options in part due to my very positive undergraduate experience here. I fit in well with the Harquail School's culture, and get along with the professors. The excellent lab facilities and project opportunities sure didn’t hurt, either."