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Congratulations to our graduates!

Our faculty and staff congratulate 13 graduate students and 21 undergraduate students for graduating from the Harquail School programs from this week's convocation! Best of success to everybody in your future career! The graduates who attended this week's convocation are in photos with Chancellor Steve Paikin, Interim-President Dr. Pierre Zundel - and the three PhD graduates with two of their supervisors!  


PhD Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology

Kate Rubingh

"Structural Geology, Stratigraphy, and Gold Deposits of the New Britannia Mining District in the Paleoproterozoic Snow Lake Arc Assemblage, Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada"; supervisors Drs. Harold Gibson and Bruno Lafrance

Margaret Stewart

"The Volcanic and Deformation History, Geodynamic Setting, and Metallogenesis of the Chisel Sequence, Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada"; supervisors Drs. Harold Gibson and Bruno Lafrance

Zsuzsanna Tóth

"The Geology of the Beardmore Geraldton Belt, Ontario, Canada: Geochronology, Tectonic Evolution and Gold Mineralization", supervisors Drs. Bruno Lafrance and Benoit Dubé (GSC)

Image left: Kate Rubingh with Chancellor Steve Paikin, Interim-President Dr. Pierre Zundel and supervisors Drs. Harold Gibson and Bruno Lafrance.

Image right: Zsuzsanna Tóth with Chancellor Steve Paikin, Interim-President Dr. Pierre Zundel and supervisor Dr. Bruno Lafrance.

MSc Geology

Danielle Brown

"Geochemical and isotopic analysis of water and sediment to characterize lithological and anthropogenic contributions to the New River Estuary catchment in Southland, New Zealand"; supervisor Dr. Matthew Leybourne

Natasha Cyples

"Morphodynamic evolution of the Kicking Horse River, BC; An integration of ground-penetrating radar, remote sensing and gauging record analysis"; supervisors Drs. Alessandro Ielpi and Randy Dirszowsky

Jeff Enright

"A Textural and Mineralogical Study of the Footwall Rocks to the Sudbury Igneous Complex (North and East Ranges)"; supervisors Drs. Andrew McDonald and Daniel Kontak

Vanessa Friesen

"Volcanic Reconstruction of the Paleoproterozoic Powderhouse Formation, Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada: Implications for Controls on Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Formation"; supervisors Drs. Harold Gibson and Michelle DeWolfe

Evan Keir-Sage

"Assessing the Extent of Local Assimilation Within the Platreef, Northern Limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, Using Sulfur Isotopes and Trace Element Geochemistry"; supervisors Matthew Leybourne and Pedro Jugo

Judy Lam

"Characterization of Metamorphic Assemblages and Assessment of Cu-Pb-Ag-Au-Zn Mobility at the Lalor Deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba"; supervisors Drs. Doug Tinkham and Harold Gibson

Linette MacInnis

"Constraining Alteration in the Footwall of the Sudbury Igneous Complex: A Case Study of the Alteration Footprint to the Podolsky, Cu-(Ni)-PGE Deposit, Sudbury"; supervisor Dr. Daniel Kontak

Cédric Mayer

"Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy of the Platreef, Northern Limb, Bushveld Igneous Complex"; supervisors Drs. Pedro Jugo and Matthew Leybourne

Keaton Strongman

"Volcanic, Structural, and Hydrothermal Controls on Coincident Archean Low and High Sulfidation VMS Systems Within the Onaman Assemblage, OnamanTashota Greenstone Belt, Northern Ontario, Canada"; supervisor Dr. Harold Gibson


Applied MSc Mineral Exploration (2 years)

Sheila Ulansky

Image left: Danielle Brown with Chancellor Steve Paikin and Interim-President Dr. Pierre Zundel.

Image right: Evan Keir-Sage with Chancellor Steve Paikin and Interim-President Dr. Pierre Zundel.


BSc Earth Sciences (4 years)

Steven Alcock

Andrew Bradley

Matthew Brown

David Dickson

Andrew Dube

Kyle Dzuirban

Logan Foucault

Sean Hoffman

Brandon Hume

Michelle Jacques

Kevin Kotylak

Leung, Derek

Lindsay Lotan

Dominique Lozier

Adrian Oberland

Jeremie Rivest

Brett Tamlin

Matthew Wyszatko


BSc Environmental Geocience (4 years)

Alistair Ross


BSc Earth Sciences (3 years)

Sandra Clarke

Andrew McLellan

On the photo, from left to right: Graduates Kevin Kotylak, Logan Foucault, David Dickson and Derek Leung, each with a BSc Earth Sciences