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Five new Precambrian gold research opportunities available

AMIRA Global’s P1061 South American Exploration Initiative

  • Post-doctoral fellow: Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Guiana Shield during the Paleoproterozoic Trans-Amazonian Orogeny, Guyana and Suriname
  • PhD candidate: Orogenic gold metallogeny in the western Guyana Shield
  • MSc candidate: Structural controls, paragenesis and timing of Au-Cu mineralization in Guyana

Refining hydrothermal alteration footprints using hyperspectral imaging

  • MSc candidate: The project, in collaboration with the College of the North Atlantic, will investigate the variability of the mineral chemistry of white mica, biotite and/or chlorite, as estimated from the commonly investigated 2200 nm and/or 2250 nm absorption.

Mineral exploration footprints of crustal-scale deformation zones in Neoarchean greenstone belts, Canada

  • PhD candidate: The project proposes to investigate and compare the metasomatic haloes around key mineralized and non-mineralized sections of deformation zones in the Abitibi and western Wabigoon subprovinces. Objectives are to document fluid/metal dispersion from the main structural pathway, compare the hydrothermal signatures, and possibly identify new exploration vectors toward orogenic gold systems.

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