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Prof Michael Lesher is leading a new 4-year $1M ($630K cash, $426K cash-equivalent in-kind) NSERC-CRD project on the Genesis and Localization of Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization in the Sudbury Igneous Complex that will test new hypotheses for the origin of the sulfur and metals in the ores and the mechanisms of localization.

Collaborators include Adjunct Professors Dr Michel Houlé (Geological Survey of Canada), Edward Pattison (Inco Retired), Dr David Burrows, Joel Hrominchuk, and Lisa Gibson, Noëlle Shriver, Ian Fieldhouse, Cameron Bowie, Sandy Gibson, Enrick Tremblay, Jason Letto, Christoper Hicks, Clayton Pearson, Carrie Forget, Thomas Raskevicius, and Henrique Izumi of Vale.

The project will train 3 PhD students in various aspects of field geology, core logging, petrography, geochemistry, 3D modelling, and fluid dynamic modelling.

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