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Pictures from the Year End Banquet!

The Department of Earth Sciences celebrated its new graduating class at our Annual Year End Banquet at the Italian Club in Copper Cliff! 

Dsc 0079

Photos: Fun! Courtesy of Philippe Trudel at the dinner

Dsc 0080

Photo: Philippe Trudel and Dakota Recollet in action with the "Fun Awards"

2016 Graduating Class

Photo (left to right): Meg Engelbert (PhD cand.), Laura Radford (OGS), Keaton Strongman, Christopher Beckett-Brown, Karen Barlow,  Jeff Enright (M.Sc. cand), Derek Drayson, Jacob Bellrose, Logan Behuniak, Philippe Trudel, Dakota Recollet, Julia Davis, Aaron Jantti, Madison Schmidt, Joey Vrzowsky, Seth Montgomery, Christine Legrand (M.Sc. cand)


- 2:00 pm: Honours Thesis Presentations 
- 4:30 pm: Open bar, fun and games: Bowling, darts and pool table
- 6:30 pm: Dinner, guest speaker Lori Martin
- Later: Awards, "Geo Jeopardy" and "Name the tune"

Honor Thesis Presentations:

2.00 -2.15
Philippe Trudel 
Detrital zircon geochronology of Neoproterozoic diamictites in NWT, Canada

Keaton Strongman 
Chemostratigraphy of the South Range Norite, Sudbury Igneous Complex

Madison A. Schmidt 
Dendrochronology in Mineral Exploration: Developing Tools to See Through Anthropogenic Impacts

Alexander Jibb 
Fluid inclusions document the PTX conditions in an Archean syenite associated gold deposit, Timmins, ON

Jacqueline A. Huggins 
A study of the precious-metal mineral distribution in local haloes around Cu-rich stringers, MD3 zone, Morrison deposit, Sudbury, ON

Jacob Bellrose 
A nano-mineralogical study of Uranium ore samples: Evidence for the mobilization of U(IV) via nanoparticles and late stage alteration processes

Craig Green 
LA-ICP-MS Methodology for Analysis of Native Gold Grains

Logan Behuniak 
Fluid inclusions document fluid pressure cycling during formation of the giant Red Lake gold deposit, Ontario

Christopher Beckett-Brown 
The crystal-chemistry of Ni-bearing spinel group minerals: chemical, geological and exploration implications


2016 B.Sc. Earth Sciences graduates Logan Behuniak, Alexander Jibb, Craig Green, Jacob Bellrose

Dsc 0002

Dr. Graeme Spiers chooses a view from distance while Philippe Trudel is presenting

Dsc 0006

Dsc 0007

Keaton Strongman presenting

Dsc 0026

Craig Green presenting

Dsc 0012

Madison Schmidt presenting

Dsc 0033

Christopher Beckett-Brown presenting

Dsc 0014

Alexander Jibb presenting

Dsc 0018

Jacqueline Huggins presenting

Dsc 0028

Logan Behuniak presenting, emcee Dr. Michael Schindler

Dsc 0013

Kelly Malcolm (M.Sc. cand)

Dsc 0022

Jacob Bellrose presenting

Dsc 0051

Dr. Pedro Jugo, Jacob Bellrose

Dsc 0060

Dsc 0065

Dr. Matthew Leybourne, Dr. Graeme Spiers, Dr. Joe Petrus

Dsc 0056

Dsc 0063

Dsc 0062

Dr. Pedro Jugo

Dsc 0041

Dsc 0047

Dsc 0067

Dsc 0069

Dsc 0070

Dsc 0071

Lori Martin (P.Geo.) who graduated from our department in 2000 and embarked on a successful career, was our guest speaker

Dsc 0072

Dsc 0068

Dsc 0077

Dr. Pedro Jugo awards the Best PhD Seminar 2015/2016 to Evan Hastie, PhD cand 

Dsc 0074

Dr. Bruce Jago awards Keaton Strongman with the Goodman School of Mines' Award for Top graduating 4th year student (B.Sc. Earth Sciences) 

Dsc 0073

Dr. Bruce Jago, Dr. Bruno Lafrance

Dsc 0091

Drs. Michael Lesher, Bruno Lafrance, Daniel Kontak and Andrew McDonald

Dsc 0078

Emcee Dr. Bruno Lafrance

Dsc 0080

Philippe Trudel and Dakota Recollet presenting the fun awards

Dsc 0081

Dsc 0082

2016 B.Sc. graduates Alexis Ausrotas, Sydney Albert and Jacqueline Huggins

Dsc 0083

B.Sc. graduates Christopher Beckett-Brown and Philippe Trudel

Dsc 0079

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