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Toronto Open House with Orix

The Harquail School of Earth Sciences partners with Orix Geoscience Inc to introduce students to a career in geoscience


Saturday, September 23rd the Harquail School of Earth Sciences will be joining Orix Geoscience Inc in their Toronto head office for an Earth Science open house designed to introduce high school students and their parental guardians to the world of Earth Sciences.


Students and parents can explore various activity stations to discover applications of earth sciences in the industry. Activities include: learning ArcGIS to understand what goes into making maps, learning the power of computer programming in the mining industry, 3D geological modelling, viewing minerals under a microscope and exploring economic geology. Students also have a chance to speak with Laurentian professors and Alumni who are currently employed by Orix to ask questions about a career as a geologist and what it's like studying Earth Sciences in Sudbury, Ontario. This will be the 3rd open house in partnership with Orix Geoscience Inc in 2019!


Event Details:

September 28th, 2019

3:00pm - 7:00pm 

Location: Orix Geoscience headquarters: 25 Adelaide St E Suite 1400, Toronto, ON M5C 3A1

RSVP to the open house or learn more about future event dates --> https://hes.laurentian.ca/openhouse


Image above: Doug Tinkham, Director (Harquail School of Earth Sciences, Laurentian Unviersity), Kylie Coventry, Geologist (Orix Geoscience and Laurentian Earth Science Alumni), Ashley Kirwan, Co-founder & President (Orix Geoscience and Laurentian Earth Science Alumni).


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