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Anthony E. Beswick

Anthony E. Beswick

Professor Emeritus Igneous Petrology

Igneous Petrology, Professor Emeritus, BSc PhD DIC (London)

Email: tbeswick@laurentian.ca

Research Interests

  • Localization and fractionation of Fe-Ni-Cu-(PGE) mineralization in the Sudbury Igneous Complex, in collaboration with M Constantin (PDF), M Deslauriers (MSc), CM Lesher and RR Keays (LU), JP Golightly, CEG Farrow, and PC Lightfoot (INCO/MERC), and C Davis (INCO)
  • Igneous Petrogenesis: The use of radiogenic isotope ratios, trace/major element ratios, trace element abundances and mass balance calculations in modelling basaltic and komatiitic magma genesis and upper mantle source rock compositions.
  • Volcanic Geochemistry: The development and applications of atomic and molecular proportion ratio diagrams for determining trace-major element distribution coefficients in silicate melt-mineral equilibria and their applications in the interpretation of fractionation processes and their effects.
  • Exploration Geochemistry: The quantification of chemical alteration effects in meta-volcanic rocks (particularly in Archean greenstone belts) and the development of lithogeochemical exploration methodologies for hydrothermal ore deposits of gold and base metal sulphides.
  • Analysis of compositional variations in the Fe, Ni, Cu sulphide ores of the Sudbury Basin and applications for targetting PGE rich ores.
  • Evaluation of compositional variations within the Sudbury Igneous Complex as an aid to understanding their genesis, evolution and relations to associated sulphide ores.
  • Remote Sensing and Geo-information systems: Computer modelling, geostatistics, geoscience data base design and data integration and the use of remote sensing applications in mineral exploration and environmental geology.

Representative Publications

Refereed Papers

Beswick, A.E. (2001) Compositional variations within the Fe-Ni-Cu sulphide ore bodies of the Sudbury Igneous Complex. Accepted Feb 2002 for Economic Geology.

Abstracts and/or Papers Read

Constantin, M., Lesher, C.M., Beswick, A.E., Davis , C., Farrow C., and Tavchandjian O. (1999) 3D Ni-Cu-PGE distributions at the McCreedy West deposit and implications for ore geneisis in the Sudbury North Range . Geol. Assoc. Canada – Mineral. Assoc. Canada Annual Meeting, Sudbury, 24, 24-25.



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