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Francois Brunet

François D. Brunet

Petrographic, Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management Laboratory Technologist

Offices: WGMC B1014 / Science-1 S-316 T. 705.675.1151 ext. 2216 / 2365

At Laurentian University, I assist in facilitating and teaching chemistry lab courses in French and English at the first and second year levels. Additionally, I work in the Harquail School of Earth Sciences as a support lab technologist for geological sample preparations. I also continue to promote and grow the health and safety mandates of the Faculty of Science Engineering and Architecture as well as manage the day-to-day hazardous chemical waste requirements for the campus.

Previously, I worked for Golder Associates, testing client samples in the laboratory and on-site to assist engineers in providing solutions to clients wishing to diminish environmental impacts caused by their industrial activities and to deliver cost effective process solutions associated with mine waste management. Testing strategies ranged from viscosity, strength and sedimentation properties to flow-loop operations and mini-plant testing.




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