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Richard S. James

Richard S. James

Professor Emeritus Metamorphic Petrology

Metamorphic Petrology, Professor Emeritus, BSc MSc McMaster, PhD Manchester

Telephone: (705) 675-1151 x2271
Email: rjames@laurentian.ca

Research Interests

  • Igneous stratigraphy, petrology and PGE mineralization in the River Valley Intrusion, central Ontario; in collaboration with M. Easton, O.G.S. and J. Hrominchuk, M.Sc. candidate (LU).
  • Character and genesis of PGE-Cu-Ni mineralization and their host rocks in the paleoproterozic EBLI-type layered intrusions in central Ontario; in collaboration with M.Lesher and R.Keays (LU), D.Peck (MEM).
  • Metamorphic, tectonic and geochronologic history of paleoproterozoic intrusions and associated supracrustal rocks in the Grenville Front Tectonic Zone, central Ontario; in collaboration with M.Easton and F. Corfu (OGS) and E.Murphy (recently completed M.Sc. candiate, LU).
  • Metamorphism of banded iron formations and paragenesis of associated Au-pyrrhotite-Arsenopyrite mineralization; in collaboration with A.Armitage (Comaplex Minerals/LU M.Sc.), G.Deschutter (Falconbridge/LU M.Sc), A. McDonald (LU), S.Goff (DIAND, Yellowknife).

Representative Publications

Refereed Papers

James, R.S., and Jobin-Bevins, L.S. (2004) Secondary metamorphic enrichment of Contact-style Magmatic PGE mineralization at the River Valley intrusion, Sudbury Region, Central Ontario, Canada . Geoscience Africa 2004, Johannesburg , South Africa.

Easton, R.M., James, R.S., Jobin-Bevins, L.S. (2004) The East Bull Lake intrusive suite: remnants of an ~ 2.48 Ga mamatic event in the Sudbury area of the Canadian Shield . GAC_MAC Annual Meeting, St Catharines 2004.

Arnold, J.P., James, R.S., Beakhouse, G. (2002) Geology, petrology and PGE-Ni mineralization of the neoarchean Entwine Lake intrusion, an intermediate to mafic igneous intrusion. 9th International Platinum Symposium, Extended Abstracts with Program, 21-25 July, Billings, Montana.

James, R.S., Easton, R.M., Peck, D.C., Hrominchuk, J.L. (2002) The East Bull Lake intrusive suite; remnants of a ~2.48 Ga large igneous and metallogenic province in the Sudbury area of the Canadian Shield Economic Geology, v.97, p. 1577-1606.

James, R.S., Jobin-Bevans, S., Easton , R.M., Wood, P., Hrominchuk, J.L., Keays, R.R., Peck, D.C. (2002) Platinum-group element mineralization in Paleoproterozoic basic intrusions in central and northeastern Ontario , Canada . in Geology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Processing of Platinum Group Elements, CIM Special Publication 54, L.J.Cabri (editor), p. 339-366.

McCormick, K.A., Fedorowich, J.S., McDonald, A.M., James, R.S. (2002) A textural, mineralogical, and statistical study of the footwall breccia within the Strathcona Embayment of the Sudbury Structure. Economic Geology, v.97, p. 125-143.

McCormick, K.A., Lesher, C.A., McDonald, A.M., Fedorowich, J.S., James, R.S. (2002) Chlorine and alkali geochemical halos in the footwall breccias and sublayer norite at the margin of the Strathcona Embayment , Sudbury Structure, Ontario . Economic Geology, v. 97, p. 1509-1519.

Technical Reports

Easton ,R.M., Jobin-Bevins, L.S.,and James, R.S., 2004. Geological guidebook to the paleoproterozoic East Bull Lake intrusive suite plutons at East Bull Lake, Agnew Lake and River Valley; Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report 6135, 84p.



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