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Publication Type:

Journal Article


Geology (2023)






<p>A magnetotelluric (MT) study across the Red Lake greenstone belt of the western Superior craton, Canada, images a 50-km-long north-dipping conductor (&lt;20 Ω·m) at 20–25 km depth and subvertical conductors spatially correlated with crustal-scale shear zones and large orogenic gold deposits. The conductors are interpreted to be the conductivity signature of the deep crustal source of the auriferous fluids and pathways of the orogenic gold system. The geophysical results, supported by existing geochemical and fluid inclusion studies, suggest that the Au- and CO2-rich fluids responsible for gold mineralization were released by devolatilization of supracrustal rocks underthrust to mid- to lower-crustal levels during subduction. This MT study links shallow gold mineralization to a deep crustal source region, demonstrating the connection between a crustal suture zone and the formation of orogenic gold deposits in an Archean greenstone belt.</p>