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Publication Type:

Journal Article


The Canadian MineralogistThe Canadian Mineralogist, Volume 55, Number 3, p.515-516 (2017)




The chemical composition and chemical formula for ferro-ferri-nybøite given by Lussier et al. (2014) are wrong due to incorporation of errors during preparation of the paper. The data given in the original IMA submission are correct and are given here: SiO2 47.06, TiO2 0.50, Al2O3 3.16, Fe2O3 12.43, FeO 22.37, (Fetot = 33.56), MnO 2.18, ZnO 0.06, MgO 0.23, CaO 1.03, Na2O 8.15, K2O 1.72, F 0.84, H2Ocalc 1.50, O ≡ F –0.35 sum 100.88 wt.%. The formula unit, calculated on the basis of 24 (O + OH + F) with (OH + F) = 2 apfu, is (Na0.67K0.35)(Na1.83Ca0.17)(Mg0.05Fe2+2.96Mn0.29Zn0.01Al0.03Fe3+1.48Ti0.06)(Si7.44Al0.56)O22 (OH1.58F0.42).