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Publication Type:

Journal Article


GeophysicsGEOPHYSICS, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, p.1-33 (2018)




<p>We introduce a ground-roll attenuation strategy for seismic records that adopts the curvelet transform. The curvelet transform decomposes the seismic events based on their dip and frequency content information. The curvelet panels that contain only either reflection or ground-roll energy could be used to alter the curvelet panels with mixed reflection and ground-roll energies. We build a curvelet domain mask function from the ground-roll-free curvelet coe cients (high frequencies) and downscale it to the ground-roll-contaminated curvelet coe cients (low frequencies). The mask function is utilized inside a least-squares optimization scheme to preserve the seismic reflections and attenuate the ground-roll. Synthetic and real seismic data examples show the application of the proposed ground-roll attenuation method.</p>