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Publication Type:

Journal Article


American MineralogistAmerican Mineralogist, Volume 93, Number 1, p.235-240 (2008)




Beam damage, Glass properties, Sulfur K-edge, Sulfur oxidation state, Sulfur speciation, XANES), XAS (XAFS


The origin of sulfite (S4+) species in silicate glasses was evaluated using {XANES} at the S K-edge. Systematic investigations show that the presence of S4+ species in silicate glasses is an analytical artifact related to changes in the sulfur species caused by irradiation with an electron beam during {EMPA} or by irradiation with an intense focused X-ray beam during synchrotron analysis. The data shown here indicate that S2− and S6+ are the only significant sulfur species occurring in silicate glasses synthesized under geologically relevant conditions.